Who We Are

Established in the year 2019, Boba Bar is located in the heart of London. Quaint pet-friendly bubble tea room with drinks that are every boba lover’s dreams. Creativity and innovation in our drinks are what sets us apart.

We not only serve various teas and coffee but also healthy smoothies and desserts.

With our success with a vegan-friendly menu, we have also launched DIY Bubble Tea kits. You can brew your favourite drinks in the comfort of your own home.

What are we about

We believe any drink can be made more interesting with some boba in it so we are the first to offer vegan boba milkshakes, protein shakes, organic fruit smoothies and our popular boba masala chai, along with signature bubble teas. They can all be made more indulgent with some whipped cream, yummy sauce, and sprinkles of colourful toppings.

What are we about

Boba Bar believes in including all. Our drinks can be made vegan friendly or customised according to your preference.

We also believe in clean and sustainable living. We use bamboo straws, eco-friendly bioplastic cups, and organic ingredients with no artificial colours.

We have vegan, lactose-free and halal options. We commit to being socially responsible so 5% of our annual profits are pledged towards building waters in villages in East Africa.

A sip of goodness truly, where we all make a difference

How it all started

Bubble tea also known as boba drink or pearl tea milk tea originated in Taiwan, around the 1980s. Before it’s accelerated international rage in the last decade, it introduced a whole new fun phenomenon of “boba life” or “boba culture”- youngsters were seen hanging around with tapioca balls filled, colourful and sometimes foamy drinks with fat straws!

How It All Started

Our founder picked her love for boba through her travels around the world, immediately attracted to the beautiful coloured chewy drinks. After indulging in endless cuppas of boba in various cities, she decided to extend her love to London, but this time with a twist!

Come check us out at Swiss Cottage or visit our sister company Chaboba in Wembley Designer Outlet. We are always available at your door-step if you wish to order online.

We are being loved

In a very short time, Boba Bar has grown popular locally and we are proud of our every little win. We spread Boba love and are grateful that our customers have shown love back to us. We will continue with our tradition to serve you the best in the neighbourhood and nurture an awesome bond with you. We are also thrilled to have been mentioned in local magazines and newspapers. We can’t wait to see you again.