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Bubble Tea DIY Kits

Bubble Tea DIY Kits

Enjoy a fully customised bubble-tea experience right at your doorstep!

Like It…

✓ 4 drink flavours of choice
✓ 4 toppings of choice
✓ 80g of complimentary tapioca pearls

Love It…

✓ 8 drink flavours of choice
✓ 8 toppings of choice
✓ 130g of complimentary tapioca pearls

Gotta Have It…

✓ 10 drink flavours of choice
✓ 10 toppings of choice
✓ 180g of complimentary tapioca pearls

Very friendly bubble tea shop, over 100 combinations with hidden menu items, vegan options available on every drink, vegan shakes, bubble waffles and more. You can choose the sweetness level which is a great thing to be asked. Lovely incense burning and cute living room furniture. Welcoming staff and warm atmosphere - make this the first place you try bubble tea if you haven't yet.

Matt Redman

The bubble tea I ordered was amazing! my friends and I enjoyed the atmosphere, the staff were really attentive whilst we sat and enjoyed our drinks and made sure we had a lovely experience. The store itself is IG picture worthy, luxury ambience without the hefty price tag! highly recommend for great bubble teas, relaxed atmosphere and brilliant staff!

Priya Pattani

Bit of a Trivia

Bit of a Trivia..


We believe in conserving nature and polluting less so as to reduce the carbon footprint. Our products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging which is 100% biodegradable and compostable! It’s difficult for one person to make a substantial difference, but we can all participate in preserving our planet by using eco-friendly brands.


We all love the classic bubble teas but at Boba Bar, you have the option to catch up on your five-a-day by ordering a fresh organic green smoothie topped up with your favourite boba topping. Of course, you can make it double scoop 🙂

Socially Responsible

We operate on a business model that focuses on social change, sharing its success with local and global communities. We invest 5% of profits in projects towards building a water well in East Africa. This way we all are making a difference together!

Bubble Tea Room. Bubble Tea Room. Bubble Tea Room


Fruit Boba Teas
Fruit Boba Teas

(Passion Fruit, Mango, Honey Peach, & more...)

Boba Bar Specials
Boba Bar Specials

(Coconut Rose, Mochatella, Iced Coffee & more…)

Boba Shakes
Boba Shakes

(Black Velvet (vg), Intense Chocolate (vg), & more)

Milk Boba Teas
Milk Boba Teas

(Jasmine Pearl, Assam Pearl, Brown Sugar Pearl, & more...)

Boba Smoothies
Boba Smoothies

(Organic Beauty , Passion Storm, Berrylicious & more...)

Boba Crushers
Boba Crushers

(All Fruit Teas can be made into a Crusher & more...)

Get To Know Us

We Opened Our Doors!

On 29th February 2020 leap day, we launched our beautiful bubble tea room in Swiss Cottage and we were showered with a houseful of boba lovers.

We Have Grown!

On 20th August 2020, we joined forces with Chaboba Bubble Tea to expand and serve more customers in London. Visit us at the bubble tea bar in Central London Designer Outlet in Wembley Park.

We are now Online!

Our Delicious teas are available on Uber Eats and Deliveroo for order. Do follow us on our social media and tag us in your experience with us.



We Are Eco-Conscious. How And Why?

We are actively making green choices and let us decode our eco-conscious roles and give back to the community in our own ways.


A healthy twist to your favourite Bobas.

With adjustments in sugar intake and nutritional enhancements, I am here to help you relish your favourite pearl drink, guilt-free.


Make 4 Easy Recipes at Home with Boba

Here, I share 4 easy home recipes to test your love for Bobas. Are you in for experimenting with something exciting?


We are a pet-friendly cafe with delicious pup cups available for dogs. Enjoy a sip of delectable bubble tea with your pet at Boba Bar London

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